Fastest Growing & Largest Town in Ireland

Fastest Growing Town in Ireland

Drogheda is the largest town in Ireland (Census 2016) and also the fastest growing town (6.2%) offering access to a large and young workforce.

  • Population of 2.2 million live within 60km of Drogheda.
  • 15,000 (of which 47% management level) commuters already living in Drogheda.
  • 56,000 live within 30 minutes.

Population Percentages

44% of the population in Drogheda is made up of people aged 25-55. This is the optimal age group for development and employment opportunities within the area.

This is an equal male to female ratio in Drogheda, this allows an equal representation for each counterpart within the community, ensuring all needs are met.

Approximately 10,000 people commuting to Dublin each day. These people are highly skilled and experienced and most have higher education qualifications.