M1 Corridor – The centre of Dublin to Belfast economic growth

The M1 East Coast Corridor region connects Ireland’s two largest cities, Dublin and Belfast, with the two largest towns, Drogheda and Dundalk at its centre. Traversing the border, the East Coast Corridor is rich in talent and has a track record for industry and modern infrastructure. Home to a flourishing business environment and vibrant lifestyle, the corridor is an attractive destination for prospective investment to Europe and the world.

The M1 Corridor is a thriving hub of economic activity with established multinational and indigenous businesses across multiple industry sectors. The region has already established itself as a centre for global excellence with internationally recognised clusters in financial services, existing and emerging technologies, engineering, life sciences and food manufacturing.

The region offers unrivalled access to talent and infrastructure. There are 2.25 million people within 60 minutes of Drogheda, over one-third of the population of the island.

With a long history of fostering enterprise and innovation, dynamic Sectoral Clusters are evolving along the M1 Corridor

Financial Services

With a proven track record in both financial services and technology, Ireland is recognised as a key hub for IFS. 1/3 of IFS jobs in Ireland are outside Dublin – M1 Corridor has a significant concentration of IFS businesses, only 30-60 minutes from Dublin’s IFSC. The Fintech Corridor , based at The Mill Enterprise Hub, Drogheda, is building an internationally recognised e-commerce, fintech and payments hub.