Cost of Living

Rental Property prices by (Q4 2021)

Drogheda has 30% lower prices than Dublin to rent an apartment or house

Rent prices in Drogheda and the wider area are €1,396, compared to average monthly rents across Dublin of €1,996.

Rents nationally rose at an annual rate of just over 10% in the last three months of last year, according to listed rent prices compiled by the property website

Home Purchase comparison  (My survey Q4 2021)

Drogheda is 35% lower prices than Dublin to purchase a house

The average price for a three bed semi-detached house in Drogheda / Louth is €225,000 compared to the €345,000 price in the Dublin region.

The annual asking price of inflation rose by 9.7% nationwide, by 7.4% in Dublin and by 10.6% elsewhere around the country.

The quarterly asking price inflation also rose slightly throughout Ireland – by 1.3% nationally, by 1.7% in Dublin, and by 1.1% elsewhere around the country.

CSO 2016

Ireland’s hidden secret was re-discovered in the past twenty years as Drogheda has expanded to be the largest and fastest growing town in Ireland (CSO 2016).

We always ask newcomers why they moved to Drogheda – quality of life and lower costs of living are always common responses.

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